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Hemp Essential Oils for Back or Foot Pain

What Are Hemp Essential Oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and are often used as alternates for medicines for pain relief. Extracted raw from plants they are acclaimed to work effectively. hemp is short for Cannabidiol and is found in cannabis plants. Essential oils and hemp go very well together as hemp helps promote homeostasis which makes you feel good on a daily basis. hemp essential oils help soothe tired muscles and create an energizing effect.

Origin Of Hemp Essential Oils

hemp is an oil that originates from a plant (cannabis), it is extracted from the hemp plants and contains low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). hemp oils in no way create an intoxicating effect but rather help in medical problems such as seizures, anxiety, hemp oils can also be used for back and foot pain. Many of the products of hemp are from the hemp plant. Since hemp oil is made from hemp plant extract it can be used as an essential oil. That can be done by applying it to the skin for absorption.

Usage Of Hemp Essential Oils 

There are many ways to consume hemp essential oils such as generating them either into a powder form or a gel form. This oil can either be consumed orally or applied on your skin. Hence there are creams as well as capsules available to cater to these needs. As every person’s tolerance is different one should make sure hemp oils are safe to use and should consult a doctor. While choosing a treatment one must consider various aspects such as weight, hemp concentration, and potency.

Benefits Of Hemp Essential Oils 

The growing use of hemp essential oils has proved that it helps provide relief for various problems and has numerous benefits.  Once hemp is consumed it works along with the endocannabinoid system (a set of regulators) of the body and helps regulate many functions in the body. The system helps regulate sleep, mood, daily stress, joint function as well as appetite. When hemp essential oils are taken daily they can help improve overall health and body functions. hemp essential oils help a person become more healthy and active. Although there is still research left on hemp but results from recent studies and experiments show hemp essential oils provide safe and natural remedies and treatments for many health issues. However hemp is not legal everywhere and should only be acquired in states it is legal in, non prescription hemp products are not FDA approved and hence may be falsely labeled.

Some Of The Benefits Hemp Essential Oils Can Provide Are

  • Pain relief
  •  Help reduce anxiety and depression
  • Ease cancer-related symptoms
  • Contains neuroprotective properties
  • Reduces acne
  • Prevent heart problems
  • Treatment of epilepsy

Hemp essential oils have their fair share of benefits and help a person have a healthier body as well as mind. hemp oils have been said to help people with schizophrenia as well as other mental disorders.

Side Effects Of Hemp Essential Oils

While hemp essential oils are generally considered safe and easy there are some side effects one must keep in mind. While these side effects are not applicant to every person but are present in some and one should be cautious.

Some Of These Side Effects May Include

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in weight
  • Change in appetite
  • Low blood pressure or fatigue

How Do Hemp Essential Oils Work 

Our bodies naturally make a chemical known as endocannabinoids, this chemical is in control of various processes such as inflammation, immunity, pain sensation, and immunity. There are two receptors namely CB1 and CB2 which are in control of these processes and are cannabinoid receptors. When hemp enters the body it reduces the breakdown of endocannabinoids which directly affects the receptors. For reducing inflammation hemp triggers an anti-inflammatory protein that automatically reduces inflammation. In the case of decreasing pain, hemp indirectly increases the activity of the chemical at the receptors which in turn causes the pain to diminish.

Hemp Essential Oils For Foot Pain

Foot pain can hinder a person’s daily life activities, it can be caused due to various reasons however hemp pain relief creams can help in this matter. hemp essential oils not only help in relieving foot pain but can also prevent inflammation. hemp essential oils also include oil of peppermint and eucalyptus which serve the purpose of reducing inflammation as well as sore ankles and soothes aching feet. It is advised to put hemp pain relief cream or hemp oil for foot pain.

Hemp Essential Oils For Inflammation 

Another one of hemp’s benefits is that it helps reduce inflammation as well as swelling. We often experience discomfort in our feet due to the shoes we wear however hemp essential oils help soothe the pain. hemp essential oils are said to have anti-inflammatory powers. hemp interacts with receptors in our body and triggers an anti-inflammatory protein called caspase, it results in the death of hyperactive immune cells which in turn automatically reduces inflammation.

Hemp Essential Oils Heals Blisters 

After a lengthy day at work or a long walk, it is quite possible to feel irritated or develop blisters. A mixture of friction and pressure can cause blisters on feet. Blisters are a result of bacterial infections.

However, hemp essential oils also help heal these blisters and provide relief to the foot. While hemp contains anti-inflammatory properties it also has anti-bacterial properties that help fight blisters. Applying hemp essential oils to the affected areas can help relieve you of the pain and also helps to fight the bacteria.

Hemp Essential Oils For Joint Pains And Swelling 

Recent studies show that hemp essential oils help relieve arthritis pain by reducing inflammation. Researchers claim that this is done when hemp enters a person’s body and attaches itself to CB2 receptors (play a role in inflammation and pain), hemp affects the way these responders respond and help in managing pain. However, hemp is still not legal in all parts of the USA and a doctor should be consulted before it’s used.

Hemp Essential Oils For Back Pain

Back pain can often be unbearable and can cause a lot of problems. Mostly we suffer extreme back pain due to posture, stress, or lack of sleep. Where sometimes even therapy fails to provide comfort hemp helps make the pain bearable.

As the world is progressing the use of hemp is also increasing, since its legalization in 2018, these products have been used for various purposes. hemp essential oils help decrease chronic pain and provide relief for back pain. They also help relieve stress as well as manage insomnia. hemp helps battle back pain by reducing inflammation, decreasing stress levels, and helping a person relax which can have a direct impact on one’s health.  However organic hemp essential oils should be used for this purpose.  Before using hemp products a person should consider those hemp products that have been tried and tested as there are many types of products available such as edibles, oils, creams, and gels.

Hemp Essential Oils For Stress

Dealing with stress every day can be exhausting and can make a huge impact on one’s health as well as lifestyle. Stress affects all of us and we all need relief from this daily struggle. This stress eventually causes health problems including sore muscles and back pain. Stress and anxiety both take a heavy toll on one’s health.

However, hemp essential oil helps in calming nerves and does so naturally. Various studies have proved that hemp essential oils have helped in reducing anxiety. While stress and anxiety are two separate things they both are reduced by the use of hemp, it works well with both.

Hemp Essential Oils For Nerve Pain

It is tough to deal with pain everyday especially if it involves your nerves which includes things like muscle spasms and joint pains. However, hemp helps provide relief for this pain since hemp essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce stress and management of pain. This pain can also cause back pain, which can be relieved by hemp essential oils.hemp essential oils relieve a person from nerve pain by affecting CB1 which is a receptor of pain. hemp affects the amount and activity of endocannabinoids which in turn helps in diminishing the pain. hemp does not contain intoxicating products hence it does not get you high but relieves you of pain.

Ways To Consume Hemp Essential Oils 

There is no one way to consume hemp oil it can either be done orally or can be applied. hemp essential oils can be consumed through capsules that have the advantage of being exact dosages so one can monitor how much they are consuming and can be precise. Other than that capsules also have the advantage of being odorless as well as tasteless hence it is easier to take them. hemp sprays are also available for application; this is mostly for joint pain and swelling.

Hemp essential oils are also present in gels that are and can be applied for pain relief and healing. hemp gel helps loosen and relax the muscles to provide relief from any pain and to help manage stress. hemp gel on the skin can be used for various purposes such as

  • Eczema
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Joint swelling
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Acne
  • Nerve pain

Hemp’s products are generally safe to apply and use with minimal or no side effects however one must still take precautions and take the proper dosage.

Precautions To Take Before Using Hemp Essential Oils

One must always be careful of what and how much they are taking of something hence hemp essentials oils should also be taken with precaution. It is better if a doctor is consulted before its usage so the right dosage is prescribed to you, other than that you should also make sure that the hemp used is organic and from a verified seller. You should also keep track of the dosage of hemp whether be it for foot pain or back pain. As hemp is not completely legal in all parts of the world one must also be careful and acquire it in states it is legal in. It is also important to check if the hemp essential oils are in good condition and not expired.


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